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Nate Best - Creator & Owner Nathan Best
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Nate is the mastermind behind what is TheRingReport.com, including designing and developing the entire site from scratch. He grew up watching professional wrestling with his three brothers and was encouraged by his grandfather thanks in part to trips to the local wrestling matches. It didn't take long before realizing that there were huge differences between the wrestling he learned in high school and what he saw in professional wrestling!

His other loves, comics, anime and video games have found their way onto the web as well - ComicBookMovie.com, AnimeMojo.com and GameFragger.com.

When not on the computer, Nate enjoys working out, playing games, reading and spending time with his family.

Top TheRingReport.com Contributors

Josh Wilding Josh Wilding

Josh is a lifelong comic book fan who has so far contributed over 9,000 articles to the site with a focus on breaking news, reviews and editorials on ComicBookMovie.com. He has gone on to also write for several other sites, including GameFragger.com and has been pestering Nate for a wrestling site for a while now. Josh is based in Cardiff, Wales

Mark Cassidy Mark Cassidy
Mark resides in Ireland, where it rains 11 out 12 months of the year, and the grumpy bastard wouldn't have it any other way. He has a passion for all things film and comic related, and also dabbles in amateur film making, screenwriting and photography. Big cheesecake fan, but wouldn't dream of becoming a baker. He's also one of the top contribtors at ComicBookMovie.com

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