Mike Kanellis' Burial On RAW May Have Been Due To Backstage Heat Over Maria's Real-Life Pregnancy

Mike Kanellis' Burial On RAW May Have Been Due To Backstage Heat Over Maria's Real-Life Pregnancy

WWE aired one of the most bizarre segments in recent memory on Monday night's RAW when Mike Kanellis was completely buried by his wife Maria and now new details have been revealed about why that happened...

On Monday night's episode of RAW, Mike Kanellis was completely emasculated and buried after tapping out to Becky Lynch and then being berated by his wife for not being a man. It was the kind of segment which would kill any sort of interest from fans in a Superstar and there's been a lot of speculation since about why it happened.

While there has been some speculation that this is the start of a renewed push for Mike, the truth could be the complete opposite. 

"There are a lot of people in the company who theorized with me that the entire thing was scripted, as their way to get back at Maria and Mike," Mike Johnson of PW Insider says. "They signed a deal, she got pregnant right away, back on TV in a minor role, WWE finally signs them to a new contract, and let’s face it they are at the bottom of the ladder in the company."
"They invest in them, in what some people believe is a new 5-year deal, and they are pregnant again. Some people have definitely raised their eyebrows, sometimes you don’t plan things out, that happens it’s life, but some people in that company have definitely raised their eyebrows to me going ‘really? are you kidding me?’"

It's easy to see why WWE would be annoyed about this, especially after they made their feelings known on social media about not being happy with their role in the company. Now, Maria will be off for the foreseeable and that puts an end to the run the company was giving them in 205 Live

What do you guys think about this apparent burial? Well-deserved or a total overreaction? 
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