Ryback Explains Why He Believes Enzo Amore's Move To WWE 205 LIVE Is A Punishment

Ryback Explains Why He Believes Enzo Amore's Move To WWE 205 LIVE Is A Punishment

With Enzo Amore's feud with Big Cass reaching its end, the divisive WWE Superstar was moved from RAW to 205 Live. Now, Ryback has shared his thoughts on why he believes that was probably a punishment...

Enzo Amore reportedly has "nuclear heat" backstage and we've been hearing reports about why that is for months now. Since being moved from RAW to 205 Live, Amore has been treated surprisingly well and hasn't been humiliated in the same way he was when he was solely part of the Monday night show. However, that doesn't mean he's not being punished for bad behaviour! 

Former WWE Superstar Ryback may not have worked particularly closely with Enzo while he was still with the company but he has some insight into the inner workings of the company and has explained 
on the latest edition of his podcast why that move to 205 Live could be a way of teaching the mouthy Cruiserweight a lesson for the way he's been conducting himself behind the scenes.

"He’s on 205 Live and I think that’s a good little boost for that maybe and the hardcore people that tune into the [WWE] Network to watch it. But I guess they could still use him on RAW though. They do that with a lot of the little, small circle of guys on that show, right? Like Neville.
"By the way, it could be punishment to him, by putting him on that and the fact that it keeps him on the road now for five f–king days a week instead of going four where he gets to go home after RAW, where he now has to go to SmackDown. I’m telling you this right now, and everybody that is up there [in WWE] knows that five day a week f–king sucks. The four-days, it’s doable. Five, you want to shoot your f–king brains out because you’re never home. You’re home a day-and-a-half at most."

There's a very good chance WWE is just making Enzo's life difficult until his contract expires and they can give him the boot but it remains to be seen how he's used in the company moving forward! 
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