We May Finally Know Why WWE Has Been Burying EC3 Since His Main Roster Debut

We May Finally Know Why WWE Has Been Burying EC3 Since His Main Roster Debut

EC3 is good in the ring and great on the mic so why has he been buried since arriving on the main roster? While we've previously heard that he upset Vince McMahon, a reason for that may have been revealed...

On the latest edition of Talk is Jericho, All Elite Wrestling's Jon Moxley went into detail about his WWE departure. Asked if he feels like he was buried during his final few months in the company, Moxley revealed that he was unhappy with being booked to lose to newcomer EC3 in a matter of minutes on RAW.

Explaining that he didn't mind losing to his real-life friend, he pointed out that fans rejected the win (and EC3) because they could see what WWE was doing and when they had proper matches at house shows the next weekend with Dean Ambrose fully playing the heel, the audience was still 100% behind him. 

Despite being booked to lose to EC3 for a second time on the Monday night show, Vince McMahon learned that fans had rejected EC3 at house shows and changed the finish. That was the end of their apparent rivalry and the NXT callup has been treated like a joke ever since.

Common sense says that the reason Vince turned on EC3 was because he doesn't believe he couldn't get over and doesn't see that he booked him incorrectly from the start! This explanations lines up with reports that the WWE Chairman is unhappy with him but it's crazy to think he's been punished for something that's totally out of his control.

Welcome to WWE, eh? 
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