The Undertaker's Possible Retirement Plans Are Even Being Kept A Secret From Those In WWE

The Undertaker's Possible Retirement Plans Are Even Being Kept A Secret From Those In WWE

There's been a lot of speculation about whether WWE Network documentary Undertaker: The Last Ride could lead to the Deadman retiring, but it sounds like his in-ring future is even a secret from those in WWE.

In recent weeks, The Undertaker has been doing the rounds to promote his new WWE Network documentary Undertaker: The Last Ride, and we've been hearing a lot from the Deadman. Up until recent years, he never broke character, and it's left fans wondering whether he could be planning to retire (especially after that phenomenal "Boneyard Match" at WrestleMania). 

It feels like the WWE Network series could be leading to an announcement about his in-ring future, but is now reporting that everyone on WWE's writing staff remains in the dark about The Undertaker's in-ring future. The seeds have certainly been planted for what looks like a rematch with AJ Styles, but it seems WWE just doesn't want us clued into what happens next. 

"Whatever he is going to say will not be spoiled on the internet," a WWE source tells the site. "None of us know if he’s done. Other than his wife, I think the only person who would know would be Vince."

Recently, ESPN's Ariel Helwani tried to get the scoop from The Undertaker about a possible retirement announcement in The Last Ride to which he responded, "Hey I love you brother, but I can’t give you that before episode two comes out…I’ve been retiring, personally, here when I’m at home, for at least six years. Every year I’ll come back and I’m all beat up and everything hurts the next day, and I’m like, ‘Man that’s it.’ And all I get from [Michelle McCool] is a big eye roll and she goes, ‘Until April comes around.’ She’s been pretty accurate so far."

"I learned you never say never, but it’s very obvious that I have far more matches behind me than I do in front of me. Nobody beats father time."

That's very true, but for now, The Undertaker remains an active part of the WWE roster. We just don't know how much longer that's going to be for. 

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