A New Rumor Suggests That Jim Cornette Might Be On His Way Back To TNA GLOBAL FORCE WRESTLING

A New Rumor Suggests That Jim Cornette Might Be On His Way Back To <strike>TNA</strike> GLOBAL FORCE WRESTLING

Could the ever-controversial Jim Cornette be on his way back to his old stomping grounds of Global Force Wrestling (formerly TNA)? Well, a very reputable source believes that it might just be a possibility...

Jim Cornette's great mind for the business has seen him work for every major wrestling promotion in the US and beyond, but his outspoken personality and tendency to fly off the handle have also seen him part ways with those same promotions.

Still, despite taking multiple jabs at WWE over the years he was recently asked to induct the Midnight Express into the Hall of Fame, and now it looks like he might be on track to begin mending some more bridges with the company formerly known as TNA.

According to Dave Meltzer of PWInsider, there is talk among those in Global Force Wrestling about bringing Cornette in as on-screen character. There's no mention of him also contributing behind the scenes, but one would assume that GFW would take advantage of any opportunity to improve their product, and tapping Corny's brain would almost certainly do that.

Nothing concrete on this yet, but we'll keep you updated.
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