AEW Airs Security Footage From ALL IN Showing CM Punk And Jack Perry Altercation...And It Backfired Horribly

AEW Airs Security Footage From ALL IN Showing CM Punk And Jack Perry Altercation...And It Backfired Horribly AEW Airs Security Footage From ALL IN Showing CM Punk And Jack Perry Altercation...And It Backfired Horribly

AEW decided to air the security footage from CM Punk's altercation with Jack Perry at All In during last night's AEW Dynamite, but this hotshot booking hasn't paid off in the way Tony Khan likely hoped.

By JoshWilding - Apr 11, 2024 09:04 AM EST
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Well, what a disaster Tony Khan's latest big idea has proven to be.

At AEW All In last summer, CM Punk and Jack Perry got into a scuffle backstage after the latter took a shot at the Second City Saint during the pre-show. Punk was later fired by Khan, while Perry remains suspended.

Punk has since returned to WWE, a shock to Khan considering the fact he claimed the Best in the World left him in fear for his life (comments he likely believed would stop anyone from wanting to work with the outspoken wrestler). 

Following Punk's recent comments about the incident and Khan's failings as a boss, AEW decided to air the footage on AEW Dynamite...likely hoping it would somehow embarrass or discredit Punk. 

Spoiler alert: It didn't work. 

Things play out almost exactly like Punk said and a bizarre attempt has been made to make the footage part of The Young Bucks' ongoing feud with FTR. This feels like the creative we'd have seen in the dying days of WCW from Vince Russo and ultimately just made Punk - who now works for a different company - look badass. 

Later in the show, fans chanted for Punk, all but confirming this whole thing has backfired. As for why Khan was left fearing for his life, it appears to be a result of the Second City Saint raising his voice at him; as billionaires go, he's clearly a sensitive soul. 

Recently, Triple H opened up on what it's been like working with Punk since his WWE return. 

"I can say this about CM Punk, this is a completely different CM Punk than he was when he left, and it's been all for the positive," The Game said. "He has been nothing but a wonderful employee, and nothing but a wonderful addition to the team. It has been so refreshing, in a way, working with him, that we've been keeping him a part of everything, even while he's out injured. So it's been great."

"[He's a] controversial guy, and I'm sure, well, let me just say, over the next day or two, I had a lot of very interesting private conversations with a lot of people to just air their differences, and we all got to an amicable place.

Check out the footage in the X post below.

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clintthahamster - 4/11/2024, 11:56 AM
"Things play out almost exactly like Punk said"

Did they?

"I didn’t punch anybody. I just choked somebody a little bit."

The video clearly shows him at least attempting to suckerpunch Perry while his hands are up by his head (adjusting his stupid-ass hair.) Perry backs off, Punk pursues him and puts him in a headlock.

"Samoa Joe was there. He told me to stop and then I quit."

The video clearly shows that Joe didn't simply walk up and say "Hey, cut it out." It took Joe, Jerry Lynn, and a ref to pry Punk off of Perry.

He can then clearly be seen to pull away from Lynn, and charge off camera, presumably to start shouting at his boss who, having PROBABLY never witnessed a fight at work was a little shaken and might have even feared for his safety in that moment.

"ultimately just made Punk . . . look badass.

It should go without saying that it doesn't matter how "badass" one looks when they are assaulting a co-worker. Punk is a piece of shit. If he wanted out so badly, he could have just walked. But he wanted to get paid. So he hung out, took promos personally, and perpetrated not one but two fights with coworkers. He should have been fired the first time.
marvel72 - 4/11/2024, 1:08 PM
They shouldn't have aired it,from the reaction from the crowd chanting CM Punk.

The thing is Tony had to fire him,if you did this in your place of work you would be fired.

Also this isn't the first time wrestlers have got into a scrap with CM Punk (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks), I guess strike two and you're out.
clintthahamster - 4/11/2024, 3:21 PM
@marvel72 - Yeah, they definitely should not have dignified his bullshit with a response, and they CERTAINLY shouldn't have made it storyline (IMO) but anyone that thinks that this video vindicates Punk somehow is INSANE.
BearShirt - 4/11/2024, 8:14 PM
@marvel72 - the timing is suspect. Punk was suspended for fighting backstage, and then was involved in a second fight during what would arguably be a probationary period. Considering the outcome of the MLW lawsuit, I would bet Phil had an offer from WWE prior to his second fight and the scapegoat is really the only person vindicated by showing this footage.
BearShirt - 4/11/2024, 8:21 PM
@Clintthahamster - honestly, I thought it was a better look that AEW tried to at least incorporate their response into existing storylines. Phil and Paul punching down when they should have been promoting the biggest WWE show of the year was petty and showed WWE cares more about AEW than they would like to admit, but it was also out of left field because neither comment NEEDED to be made. Punk could have directed the interview elsewhere, but didn’t (possibly because the other potential “controversial” direction would have been to discuss how injury prone Glass Phil is - and he has no defense for that), and HHH had no need to shade Will Osprey except to show he was bitter that his effort to court him was unsuccessful. Phil and Paul were petty, at least AEW incorporated their response in an effort to further interest in their own product.
DevilsDreams - 4/12/2024, 4:28 AM
@Clintthahamster - I agree, I don't see how it could vindicate Punk at all, seeing as he appeared to be the one to escalate it...
Tony Khan saying he "feared for his life" seems a bit much though.
clintthahamster - 4/12/2024, 9:28 AM
@DevilsDreams - Man, I can only speak for myself, but if I'd seen a dude shove another dude and then try to choke him out, and then he charged at me next and started yelling, I would certainly be in fear for my safety, if not my life.
DevilsDreams - 4/12/2024, 10:40 AM
@Clintthahamster - Ah the clip I saw, Tony didn't seem to be present at all, but I guess maybe if Punk went shouting at him after.
marvel72 - 4/12/2024, 12:06 PM
@DevilsDreams - Tony Khan is a billionaire,growing up he probably didn't get into many fights because of his lifestyle.
You and I both probably have been in situations that someone like Tony Khan would see as life threatening.
BearShirt - 4/11/2024, 8:28 PM
So fans chanted something that would be upsetting to the heels in the storyline… oh, and the author was able to find a social media comment to back up his opinion… and that amounts to something “failing horribly”? I don’t think airing to footage was the best, or worst, decision that has been made by AEW, but “backfired horribly” is the kind of hyperbole that is overused on the internet these days.
clintthahamster - 4/12/2024, 9:30 AM
@BearShirt - No one's clicking on these articles, so Josh figured out he could get engagement by bagging on AEW constantly. That, or he's just a mindless dipshit mark. One of those.
marvel72 - 4/12/2024, 12:09 PM
@BearShirt - I think the biggest issue is now you have a crowd chanting the name of a wrestler that works for another promotion.
It's like free advertising.

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