Jack Evans Explains Why He And Angelico Haven't Gotten A Push In ALL ELITE WRESTLING

Jack Evans Explains Why He And Angelico Haven't Gotten A Push In ALL ELITE WRESTLING

The All Elite Wrestling star responded to fans who were angry about his current position in the company by explaining why him and Angelico haven't been given a chance to truly show of their talents as a team.

Jack Evans finally speaks about his treatment in AEW.

When former Lucha Underground stars Angelico and Jack Evans were announced as members of the All Elite Wrestling roster, many fans rejoiced over the two talented athletes making their way over to the all-new promotion.

Evans grew into a fan favorite thanks to his stints in Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate, and Lucha Libre AAA World Wide, where the 38-year-old amazed fans with his athletic ability. Angélico did the same thanks to Lucha Underground, with the incredible highflyer pulling off insane moves such as the cross body dive he pulled during his Trios Championship match in the first season.

However, since making his way over to AEW, Jack Evans and Angelico haven’t been able to truly show off what made their special outside of the company as both men appear to be destinated jobbers within AEW. The latest example is Angelico losing to Orange Cassidy in less than three minutes last week.

Fans are furious over the way both men continue to be treated in AEW and have called for the tag team to finally leave once their contracts end; however, Evans explained in a lengthy post why him and Angelico haven’t been given a push within the promotion.

Evans stated that AEW doesn't want to have 2-3 minute matches, so they aren't going to stick more people on TV and there will be downtime for people on the roster. He also faulted his in-ring cardio as another reasoning behind the lack of push; however, the most significant appears to be his failure at being able to pitch a strong angle (Transcript courtesy of Wrestlinginc.com):

Someone needs to formulate a way to teach this in wrestling schools, we straight suck at pitching angles. This is an email to the bookers. "So like, give me a mic and I talk some s--t, and then like we fight and stuff.

Which when you have a booking crew that is already over-loaded, they want something a bit more concrete than that. So there is much more that goes into who gets a push and who doesn't than people think. and... cont'd...

and when you have limited TV time, and everyone wants it, you have to be sure that whoever you are giving that TV time/push to, that they are ready to go on all cylinders, and up until recently, we haven't been. Or at least me. Angelico has been pulling his hair out waiting."

Currently, Evans is out of action due to suffering a hairline fracture in his left cheekbone. There’s no word on whether officials do plan on giving Evans and Angelico a push eventually, but hopefully the talented duo are finally given a chance to show off what they can do soon.

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