SPOILERS: New #1 Contender For WWE Championship Named As SMACKDOWN Adds NXT Tag Team

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> New #1 Contender For WWE Championship Named As SMACKDOWN Adds NXT Tag Team

Tonight's episode of SmackDown Live featured a Six-Pack Challenge to name a new #1 contender for Randy Orton's WWE Championship, but the unexpected victor brought some backup to steal the title shot!

Well, it's fair to say none of us saw that coming! In an exciting Six-Pack Challenge on tonight's episode of SmackDown Live, Jinder Mahal emerged victorious by beating Dolph Ziggler, Mojo Rawley, Sami Zayn, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper to become the new #1 contender to Randy Orton's WWE World Championship (assuming he beats Bray Wyatt at WWE Payback).

He wasn't alone, however, as it was some unexpected assistance from WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitors and NXT tag team The Bollywood Boys which resulted in him managing to take down Sami Zayn. Mahal then delivered a passionate promo and confronted Orton and all the signs appear to be pointing to him receiving 
a significant singles push with that team as backup

This has some serious potential and could do wonders for Mahal's career. How it will play out from here remains to be seen, but as of right now, Mahal is set to battle Orton for the title at the May 21st SmackDown Live WWE Backlash Pay-Per-View in Chicago.

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